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Tulip, Daffodil, Hyacinth...11 bulbs you can grow this winter

Tulip, Daffodil, Hyacinth...11 bulbs you can grow this winter

You may be surprised to know that a bulb garden of cold-hardy spring bulbs like tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinth, and others can be planted in pots to bloom indoors in late winter. Gear up to take your bulb planting to the next level and enjoy blossoms indoors all winter.

1- Daffodil

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Daffodils, also called Narcissus or Nargis in India, are some of the most dependable and easiest-to-grow bulbs with varieties that bloom from early to late spring.

2- Tulip

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Tulips are some of the gorgeous flowers found in the world. If you are someone planning to create an exotic flower nook in your regular garden, here is a classic lead for you to grow these floral gems. Tulip (Queen of Night)is absolutely worth planting to enjoy for the season.

3 - Rananculus

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These brilliantly colored flowers of Ranunculus is a great attraction! They most often come in multiple layers of delicate, crêpe paper-thin petals, looking like an origami masterwork

4- Hyacinth

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Exotic bulbs with pleasing scent! Create an amazing balcony and terrace garden with Hyacinth flowering bulbs. Adored for their fresh, lingering fragrance! Hyacinth are bunches of blue, purple, white, and ombre-patterned flowers, perfect to grow during fall.

5- Ixia

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Known as the corn lily. The flowers have sword-like leaves and star-shaped flowers. With a specific sweet fragrance, Ixia attracts many insects and butterflies. The flowering bulbs are perfect to grow as ornamental plants in the garden.

6- Gladiolus

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Gladiolus flowers look stunning and are available in a number of colors, including apricot, blue, burgundy, pink, gold, red, orange, and white, as well as multicolored varieties.

7 - Crocus

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Crocuses are among one of the most popular of the early spring bloomers. These bulbs are ideal for beginners and want to make a colorful exotic flowering garden.

8- Freesia

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Love growing bright flowers?? Grow a pack of exotic Freesia bulbs pack! Known for its sweet fragrance and long vase life, Freesia are brightly colored flowers perfect to grow in containers. Pretty, fragrant freesia flowers that can add color and fragrance to your tropical garden with such ease.

9- Iris

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The delicate blossoms of dwarf iris appear in very early spring. The petals have interesting frills, while the grass-like foliage is pretty even after the flowers fade. Plant it in rock gardens or the front of borders. Create a winter garden color with stunning Iris flowers. Iris flowers are known for their beautiful flower shape, mostly grown as ornamental plants.

10- Allium

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Beautiful balls of purple, deep pink, or reddish-purple looks graceful in the garden. These are also known as ornamental onions, which means rodents and certain insects don’t like the taste. These are perfect to grow on borders.

11- Sparaxis

Sparaxis also known as the Harlequin flower is bulbous perennials with spikes of fascinating star-shaped flowers in orange, red, white, yellow, pink, and magenta and all with richly colored tagging. 

Have a look at these wonderful spring-flowering bulbs to plant in the fall here. You would be glad that you decided to grow these pretty flower bulbs.

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